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Let the Honeymoon Planning begin!

Honeymoon planning. New trends. Honeymoon tips and tricks.You've picked the perfect honeymoon place, you have been planning this trip for well over a year. The ceremony and reception are behind you - time to relax and enjoy your new spouse.

When packing for a honeymoon, pack everything you would need with at least one dressy outfit. Don't forget a light sweater, even tropical nights can get cool. Prepare a carry-on, pack the equivalent for 24 hours. That way you'll be ready for anything, no matter when your bags arrive.

The newest trend for Honeymoon Travel is a Honeymoon Gift Registry.
A fast way to receive honeymoon miles/activities from friends and family towards your honeymoon trip. The bride and groom register just like any wedding registry, but the honeymoon gifts help pay for the honeymoon. Friends and family can purchase airline miles that are deposited into the bridal couples honeymoon registry account. The wedding couple sets up their Honeymoon Gift Registry with a description of their dream trip and how many miles or activities are needed. Perfect for a fabulous honeymoon trip. (Who needs 2 blenders anyway?)

Staying in the US? Shop for great deals by booking air + hotel together. Discount travel sites can save you more money when you book everything including your activities all at one time.

All-Inclusive: All-inclusive resorts are perfect for the traveler who is seeking to stay on property at the resort during the majority of their vacation. Perfect choice for the ease of dining at restaurants, grabbing a drink at a pool side bar, ordering room service, or spending an evening in a lounge without worrying about carrying cash. All taxes, gratuities, overnight charges, amenities, and meals are included in most instances (be sure to inquire about specifics from each individual hotel).

If you have decided that an all-inclusive is for you, be sure that the all-inclusive you choose will meet your expectations. All properties are not the same, some offer one restaurant where meals are served casual and drinks out of plastic cups, while others will have five restaurants with a wide array of cuisine, five course gourmet dining, champagne, and premium brand drinks served on a whim wherever you are in the resort.

Honeymoon Cruises: Cruise Deals Sail away from the everyday. Caribbean, Jamaica, Mexico and Hawaii are very popular. You are literally a traveling resort, visiting many ports of call and all your meals (and then some) are included on board. Entertainment Galore: Dance Clubs, Spas, Movies and Duty Free shops, there is always something going on all of the time to keep you busy. The ports of call stops beckon you to explore and they will change daily.You've picked the perfect honeymoon place, you have been planning this trip for well over a year.

Car Rentals: Shop around! Car rental prices change from place to place. Making reservations in advance will save you money and precious time. Reserving the appropriate size car in advance is a good way to budget. You should always verify the location. Some rental companies will have an on-airport facility at certain airports while having off-airport facilities at others. Often the rate quoted only includes the per day or week rental charge, get an estimate of your total charges including all taxes, fees and any mandatory charges. Be sure you understand the conditions of your reservation. If you have personal auto insurance or charge the rental to a major credit card, you will probably be covered at least for collision damage. If in doubt, ask your insurance agent or whoever issued your card. Always get a confirmation number.

Planning Tips:
  • Book early, shop around, use the internet and discount travel sites.
  • Ask about discounts and what is the most economical way to travel.
  • Some hotels have microwaves/refrigerators in the rooms - simple meals/snacks will ease food bills.
  • Foreign travel requires a passport. Even in US territories. Check in advance.
  • Let someone else do the driving, handle your luggage and visit exciting new places.
  • Be sure to bring small bills for tipping. (All tipping is done at the end of a cruise)
  • Label each piece of luggage with your name and address.
  • Have all valuables and necessities on you, not in your luggage.

    Before You Leave Home:
  • Leave important non-travel papers, such as your social security and credit cards at home.
  • Suspend your newspaper and mail delivery; or have a neighbor collect them for you.
  • Before you head out the door, turn off or unplug any appliance that doesn't need to stay on.
  • Set your lights on timers, in various rooms. Make sure your house looks lived in.

    While On Your Honeymoon:
  • Keep a travel journal. Memories fade over time.
  • Sun screen or bug spray.
  • Take lots of photographs.
  • Relax, have fun, and laugh allot!

    If something goes wrong, write it down. Write down the dates and locations, as well as the extra expenses you incur, as well as the names and titles of the people you speak with trying to resolve the problem. Upon your return home, contact the customer service department and ask to be compensated.

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