Wedding Stories: Brides tell of their wedding day HORROR story. Wedding Stories: Brides tell of their wedding day HORROR story.
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Wedding HORROR Stories !

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My mom is a JP and I thought it would be really nice if she could marry us. Well, my mom has a soft voice and during the ceremony a couple of people stated that they could not hear her. I quietly mentioned to my mother that she needed to speak up. In the middle of the ceremony she yelled "I'm speaking loud enough and if they can't hear me they can move closer." One of the people complaining was my husbands 90 year old grandfather. Having her marry us was a huge mistake. She still apologizes to this day.
Melissa    WA

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Being the horse fanatic, I wanted horses involved in the wedding. One horse was very special to me and I requested pictures with him before the ceremony. As soon as the photographer snapped the picture, my horse grabbed the bouquet from my hands and ran off to the far end of the pasture. By the time one of my bridesmaids returned with the bouquet half of it was eaten. My thrifty maid of honor was able to put together another bouquet before the ceremony. My husband couldn't stop laughing. The next day I noticed that my horse's teeth had turned pink from eating the flowers!
Amy    VA

It was a beautiful day, everything going great. Everyone was on time. We went to the reception, my husbands best friend ask our permission to ask his girlfriend to marry him, we of course granted his wish. He got out on the floor and took the microphone and said to her "Sherry, I love you very much, and if you will marry me, come out on the floor and dance this next song with me". The next song was "All My Ex's Live in Texas" and the funny thing was he just grabbed one CD and told the DJ to play it. We all laughed until we were crying.
Donna    NC

Does the wedding night count? For our honeymoon, we decided to rent a cottage in Cape Cod for a week. As many rentals do, it went from Saturday to Saturday. Our wedding was on Saturday and my husband decided, in advance, that the best thing to do was to spend that night somewhere approximately mid-way on the 8-hour trip to Cape Cod. So I courteously wrote to the owners of the cabin, advising them not to wait up for us, that we'd be arriving sometime Sunday morning. After the reception, my husband changed his mind and drove straight through to Cape Cod after all. We arrived at the cabin-site around 1am Sunday morning. When we awakened the caretakers to announce our arrival, they informed us that they had let the prior week's renters stay an extra night. August in Cape Cod? NO WHERE TO GO! We spent our wedding night in our 1970 Ford Maverick--him sleeping on the front bench seat and me sulking on the back! The caretakers laughingly gave us pillows and blankets, saying that this would be a funny story to tell our grandkids. At the time, I didn't think it was so funny. But 37 years later, we're looking forward to those grandkids one day, so we can tell them our story!
Jill    NY

In 1995 during my baby brother's wedding, during the song "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles, a wedding guest yelled FIRE!!!! Thru the windows you could see flames and smoke covering the reception food. BUT the singer never missed a beat and kept singing while the hotel manager and clerks ran to the pool area with fire extinguishers to put out the flames. That wedding is still laughed about today in our family.
Melissa    TN

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My 8 year old son, Matt was the ring bearer in my sisters wedding. I warned her to leave out the part "Does any one have any reason that this couple should not be wed." She agreed. As the couple lit the unity candle the minister said, "As this unity candle represents your marriage may your love and marriage last as long as this candle is lit." Matt leaned over and blew it out and yelled, "Ha, ha, Harold now you're not married to Sissy." The crowd's laughter was thunderous as my son glared at the groom. The bride was laughing so hard she didn't notice the minister was continuing the service. We had to get her attention as I struggled to scold Matt to "straighten up." It was so hard to be serious after that.   Jan    AL

During my brothers wedding rehearsal, my witty uncle & dad coaxed the 3 year old Ring Bearer (the grooms son) to yell "Run Daddy Run!"   Of course it was in good fun & we all had a great laugh over it! Until, this bright young boy remembered that little line during the actual wedding the following day! Of course it was not during the processional or music, but during the lighting of the candles when the WHOLE place was SILENT! We now know a little voice echos in a big church! Luckily, our families both have a great sense of humor!
Laura    IA

My husband and I have been married 26 years and I am still telling the horrors of my wedding. I had planned my own wedding. I hired the florist. Had some beautiful flowers for my alter with the candelabras. I specifically asked for drip-less candles and was assured I would have them. During the ceremony I hear a continual "drip" and could not imagine what this was. When the ceremony is over and we are introduced as Mr. & Mrs. we start to exit the church and as we get outside everyone in the church is screaming and yelling. We thought they were glad the wedding is over, but to our horror our church was on fire! The sound we heard at the alter was the non drip-less candles dripping on wax paper that caught the carpet on fire. All of our guests were at the alter stomping out the fire!   Cindy    SC

A week before my wedding I decided to go into Safeway where my maid of honor works to purchase soda for my wedding. NO ONE DRINKS CLUB SODA, but she encouraged me to buy 2 bottles. Everything was going great the day of my wedding until dinner, we all sat down for a wonderful Ukrainian feast when my new husband passed me the cranberry sauce, upon failing to hold on to the bowl, I ended up wearing the sauce down the entire front of my wedding dress. RUNNING off to the bathroom with my maid-of-honor and mother in tow trying helplessly to remain calm and to remove the GIANT RED STAIN. The club soda saved the day! One year later we received cans of cranberry sauce for our anniversary I guess cranberries will always have a special meaning and place on our table.   Kerry    Edmonton Alberta

Our wedding day had killer heat with temps up around 101. However, while the bridal party was getting dressed, my sister-in-law asked her aunt to turn the air conditioning on high. The closer it got to the ceremony we noticed it was burning up in the church. The wedding party sweating and red faced. We were carrying candles instead of flowers, which caused even more heat. The guest were just as miserable. We moved to the reception hall that was nice and cool. We found out latter that my sister-in-law's aunt turned on the heat instead of the air.
Brandi    LA

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Soon after getting engaged I searched for the "Dress of My Dreams" On the morning of my wedding day my mother helped to zip me into my dress and the both of us noticed that the zipper was resistant. The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Our wedding reception was held at a hotel and for the night we booked a room. Before the reception I visited the bathroom in my room and while the matron of honor zipped me back into my dress she noticed that one of the teeth in the zipper was slightly bent. Consequently she carefully edged the zipper upwards. During dinner my husband and I stood up to kiss and the zipper completely broke resembling as if I was wearing a hospital gown exposing my white thong underwear. I quickly regained my composure and existed the reception along with my matron of honor. It was impossible to pin the dress together due its sheer weight. Another suggestion was to sew the back of the dress but this would have taken a long time. Second suggestion was to wear something else but all I had available was were jeans and a tank top. There was NO WAY I was showing up to my wedding reception underdressed. Amongst the contents in my bag I found bottles of NAIL GLUE. I told my matron of honor to NAIL GLUE ME, hairspray me, and stitch parts of me back into my dress. The look on her face was priceless. I think that should have been a Kodak moment. My matron of honor was concerned that the dress would be super glued to my skin which might require medical assistance. I was so desperate and not thinking clearly I did not care about the consequences. Fortunately the guests at the reception were unaware what had happened to me. The back of my dress looked as though it was never unzipped and I had been gone less than 20 minutes. That night after the reception my husband had to cut me out of my dress. Lucky for me the glue was not stuck to my skin. I think my wedding was one of the BEST weddings I ever attended despite the 20 minute wedding dress disaster. I still get tons of complements to this day about my wedding and reception. Never let one bad incident ruin your day. It never ruined mine!   Val M.    OH

It was my big day, the day I dreamed of. I checked and double checked with the coordinator to make sure that everything was running smoothly. After getting the approval the everything was going great, I went home waiting for my hairdresser to show up (she was supposed to be to my house no later than 6:00 am). My wedding started at 4:00 pm and everything was done accept my hair. My hairdresser forgot that she was supposed to my hair and did not show up until 4:30, by this time I was at the church in tears and a ponytail. She fixed my hair in some quick weird french roll (which did go with my Tierra). Next event my husband's mother, who was from out of town decided to wait until 4:00 pm to go and find her a pair of shoes to wear. She and my husband's aunt got lost. Needless to say they never made it to the wedding and my husband was furious. He really wanted his mother there, since his dad had passed and she was all he had. So, I had to contend w/ an upset husband, angry guest (the wedding was 2 hours 15 minutes late), a HORRIBLE hair do and my husband and the coordinator getting into a shouting match in the hallway, because my husband wanted to go and get his mother! Thank God for wedding cake!!!!!!!! Florida

In 2004 I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding and on that day a lot of oops were made. First as we were lining up to enter the Church one of the other Bridesmaids heel broke on her shoe so we scampered around until I ran across the street to the corner store to see if they carried Krazy Glue then had one of the Groomsmen repair the shoe. Then after that I think the worst part was that my sister let the church pot-luck her wedding. We were finally ready to begin the ceremony when word came from the Kitchen that there were no drinks for the reception. My sister asked if I would run to CVS and purchase about twenty pops. Mind you I'm dressed up in my Bridesmaid attire running to CVS. The worst part of all was after the ceremony the wedding party stopped to take pictures and before the Bride and Groom were announced the church had already started serving the reception dinner to the church members. By the time the wedding party and family arrived ALL OF THE FOOD WAS GONE! Talk about inconsiderate.
Nikia T.    MI

To all future brides: Even with small weddings it is good to have a person who will act as coordinator if you can not afford one or have the DJ that will take charge of the reception to make sure this does not happen at your wedding!
Staff -

I was a flower girl in my aunt's wedding when I was 3, and although I don't remember this happening, I was told it was absolutely horrific. Anyway, my cousin, who was 5, also joined me and the role of flower-bearing-cute-child. As the story goes, we started out walking down the aisle, and suddenly my cousin got a crazy look on her face, screamed at the top of her lungs, and began to run wildly down the aisle of the church. No one knew what to say, but today we enjoy a good laugh at the crazy girl that ran through the church yelling.
Meredith H.    OH

Our day started @ 5 AM, girls arrived on time at the house for hair & makeup, photographer was there, everything was on schedule. After the perfect ceremony, during the pictures, a guest passed out on the floor and had to be rushed to hospital!!! Then when everything calmed down, the reception was going as planned but an uncle of mine (R.B.) got a little "happy" at the bar and picked a fight with my dad!!! My dad ignored him but it had somehow escalated to two bridesmaids getting knocked around by R.B. and their husbands chasing R.B. down the street!!!!! I was mortified.
Pamela C.    Ontario, Canada

Instead of the traditional tux with a tie my son-in -law had a fancy button closure on his tuxedo shirt..just seconds before proceeding to his place to await his bride off pops the face of the button cover! Panic sets in!! Without a second thought one of his groomsmen pops his chewing gum out of his mouth and makes the fix! Believe it or not it held the button together through the ceremony and all the through the reception!
Jan S.    Manchester, NH

I was the photographer for this beautiful wedding in Catalina. Everything was running WAY too smooth! The wedding coordinator signaled me that we were going to get started. The guys were on stage as planned. The bridesmaids walked in perfectly. The DJ changed the song for the bride's entrance right on time. The groom said "WOW" out loud when he saw her for the first time. As the bride approached the stage, she got really confused. We all looked at her trying to figure out what was wrong...she wouldn't let her dad give her away...THERE WAS NO MINISTER! He ended up arriving an hour later because he couldn't get a shoreboat (boat taxi) from his houseboat!
Toni R.    Catalina, CA

My best friend, Bonny, said she had always wanted to make a wedding cake and would be honored if she could make mine. My wedding was red velvet, and white so she decided to make red roses for all over the cake. She had no idea what it took to make true red but several dye bottles later she was close. Every picture after the cake cutting, all the people had red lips and red teeth for all the wedding album pictures.
Luella K.    Reno, NV

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Bridesmaid' careful how high you lift the Bride's train when you are holding it to go up steps or to straighten it...

Brides...wear nice undies and preferably a slip to avoid embarrassment... In a friend's extremely large and very formal wedding, the maid of honor gave everyone a flash of the bride's backside as she held up the long train and gave it a "wave" to straighten it. While the guests did not know what was borrowed, we sure knew what was "blue:" the bride's undies!
Joan R.    Orlando, FL

My mom and I talk about weddings a lot with mine coming up. There is one story that is still told to this day about her wedding - 25 years ago! My mom had 4 brothers and no sisters. So as soon as the pictures were done the boys thought it would be funny to play the "wedding song." Well as soon as the photographer walked away and my parents walked on the dancefloor, "Let's Get Drunk and Screw" came blaring over the speakers. All of my mom's aunts and uncles walked out of the reception. My mom constantly warns me to have very open communication with the DJ or band!   Katie R.    Fanklin, LA

To all future brides: This story is very true, with all the weddings we have seen and worked, "Let's Get Drunk and Screw" and "Strokin" are very popular songs. DO tell your DJ or band ahead of time to wait until late in the reception to play these songs "IF" it is ok to play them at all, parents and grandparents will thank you for it!
Staff -

When my husband and I cut the cake, he was so sweet and gentle as he fed it to me. Well...everyone knew I was going to get him. After I smashed cake (very politely) in his face, he took the left over cake and chunked it at me, cake landing inside my dress, in between my boobs! Then in front of everyone, he stuck his hand down my dress to get it out! I was mortified, but he said, "Hey, you're my wife now, your dad can't shoot me, it's perfectly fine for me to touch your breast!"
Kayla P.    Leesville, LA

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I went to a wedding of a friend of mine and it was held in a lovely location in the mountains about an hour out of Brisbane Australia. The location was a resort that was set in a bushland setting. The reception room had balconies and floor to ceiling windows that were open to the lovely balmy breeze and the bushland view. Before the bride and groom arrived another friend who had helped to organise it all and myself went to check that all was OK in the reception room.

The cake was set up on its own table just near the main bridal table and to our shock and horror there was a fairly large Kookaburra sitting on the lower tier of the cake helping himself! Who knew Kookaburra's liked icing and fruit cake! A male friend who had walked in just behind us started laughing and took a photo while we rushed to shoo the bird away. To our dismay it had not only dug a hole into the side of the cake but it had pooped on it as well! We managed to get the caterers to cut off the offending icing and replace with patched icing - thankgoodness it was at the rear of the cake. We moved the cake to be more up against a wall so no one would notice when just looking at it and managed to keep the incident from the bride until after theyd had the photos done for the cutting of the cake - she noticed at this point and asked my friend what happened cause shed seen the cake earlier in the day when it was perfect. Thankfully shed had enough to drink by this stage to find it funny! She found the photo a couple of weeks later even funnier.
Leisa Z.    Brisbane Australia

A good friend of mine recently got married and wanted to include fish in decorative bowls as her center-pieces. The day of the wedding the groom ran all over town trying to locate the gold fish. Everyone was sold out so he bought a different kind of fish. These fish were the kind that require an aquarium to breathe so, by the time the guests arrived at the reception all of the fish were dead. The grooms dad hurried around the room scooping up the dead fish with his hands so he could destroy the "evidence" before the bride arrived.
Amanda S.    Shreveport, La

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Even though we were married by Justice of the Peace, we included the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass. I left the task of getting a thin wine goblet to my best man. He presented the glass wrapped in a cloth at the appropriate time and I stomped on the glass, it flew 3 feet in the air. After 5 embarrasing tries, I finally got it. It turns out my best man forgot to buy a glass, and creatively acquired a commercial type heavy duty champagne flute from our caterer.
Steve M.    San Jose, CA

Although our band was excellent, there was one major flub: I instructed our band leader to make a special toast to my aunt and grandmother, who had passed. I explicitly asked him to, "make a special toast to those who could not be here, but who are here in spirit." He came up to our table moments before to do this...I ok'd it and no sooner did he call up the people to make a special toast...I panicked because the people who he called up were the dead ones. I almost had a heart attack as he asked for a moment of silence (that I didn't want at all) that lasted for what seemed like hours...I finally said something to my guests.
Christina F.    Long Island, NY

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This is a story about the long awaited Son/Mother dance we had planned. The song that we chose was "Wind Beneath My Wings". As we stood in silence, with the DJ fumbling around, like he misplaced the music or something - - we waited in the middle of the dance floor. AT last! The music begins! He plays "Under The Boardwalk" The guests at the reception are all clapping and laughing as my face is turning RED. (The DJ eventually found the right song!) We made it through "our" song with flying colors.
Kathy N.    Port Jefferson

I was the maid of honor in my best friend, Julia's, wedding last year. During her reception, the DJ was late, so instead of having him announce instructions and introductions, Julia's dad had to do it. He was a little nervous and frazzled, but he did a good job. He did do one funny thing though, when announcing dinner, he said "and I just really want to thank you all for being here and joining in Julia and Ryan's Birthday celebration!" Everybody laughed and he turned red, but we did have a great celebration, birthday, wedding, or whatever!
Jessica C.    Oakland, CA.

My Husband and I have been married for 16 years and to this day people still talk about our beautiful wedding. We had 400 people attending in this magnificent cathedral. The ceremony went without a hitch, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were on time...the vows were perfect...the kiss was incredible (and still is). We had pictures taken right after the ceremony at the church while the rest of the bridal party went to the reception about 1 mile away. The photographer finished his work...and my husband asked for a moment for us to be alone..just the two of us in the church as newlyweds. It was a special moment...We walked outside the church to the curb to get in our limo and...well..there was no taxi..just us..and no one to get us to our own reception. We laughed...and hitched a ride with a gentleman who was parked nearby and noticed our this day my father tells people I showed a little leg to catch a ride!!!!!
Melissa D.    Orlando, FL.

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My oops story isn't about the reception. It's about teh ceremony. Prior to the wedding, my husband and I decided to choose our won ceremony to be read. We choose the "Rose Ceremony" where we exchanged roses during the vows. Well, in all the chaos before the wedding, I didn't prepare a rose to give my soon-to-be husband. As a matter of fact, I forgot all about needing a rose until the pastor said, "You will now exchange your roses". My wonderful Maid-of-Honor came to the rescue and shoved her boquet (which just happened to be roses) in my trembling confused hands. With an embarrassed smile I exchanged my best friends boquet with my husbands prepared rose. He still razzes me about it to this day!
Tina W.    CA.

My brother and his wife were married at my house in a simple ceremony with just family attending. He was a Colonel in the U.S. Army and was in full dress uniform. After the ceremony and a reception dinner, we all proceeded to a very nice historical hotel where we had reserved the presidential suite for their honeymoon night. While my brother and I were standing at the front desk registering them, a woman walked up to my brother and handed him her room key and asked him to bring her luggage to the lobby! She saw his dress uniform and mistook him for the bellboy captain!! We all laughed hysterically. He explained to the woman that not only did he not work for the hotel, but he was a Colonel....not a Captain!! It is a joke in the family to this day.
Kemberly W.    Moreno Valley, CA.

Your Oops story I was very nervous the day of my wedding, but didn't realize how nervous my soon to be husband was until he said his vows. The preacher asked us to repeat after him and that is exactly what the groom did. When the preacher said, " have and to hold til death do you part", the groom said, " have and to hold til death do me part." I didn't know what to do or say, so I repeated my vows the exact same way. Four years later, we still laugh about it and comically check each others pulse.
Ann W.    Jacksonville, NC.

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It was a beautiful sunny day for my sisters wedding, the reception was being held at a historic location just outside of town. Everyone was enjoying the party, the room was filled with flowers, the food was delicious, the cake was beautiful set up in the main room which was surrounded by windows. We were about 2 hours into the reception when the DJ came over to me and told me that maybe I should take a look at the cake. To my horror, the cake was leaning towards the window AND it was starting to melt! My eyes must have been the size of silver dollars. I looked at the DJ and he rounded up the bride & groom and had them cut the cake, while I stood there and held the top layer up with my hand. To this day we laugh about "the cake incident" because we never thought the cake would melt plus my arm is in all the photos!
Tiffany R.    Austin, TX.

At my best friend's wedding, we decided to do all the catering ourselves. Well, the night before, we put all the food in the church's fridge for the next day. The day of the wedding, we went to pull the food out and realized it was not the fridge, but the freezer! At the reception everyone had frozen carrots and dip!!! Please be sure to know where you are placing your food, or just go ahead and pay a professional to do it!
Megan J.    Rock Hill, SC.

My brother was about to be married. All our family & friends were really looking forward to the big day. I remember that my brother was really nervous. The church was filled with flowers, everyone was seated, the ceremony went off with out any problems. When it came to the part where the paster said "you may kiss the bride" during their kiss, the whole bridal party held up cards with number on them like score cards in the olympics ! When my brother realized why everyone was laughing, he started laughing and hugged his new wife and the rest of the day went off with out a hitch.
Terry M.    Key West, FL.

The bestman owned a produce company which provided all the fruits & vegetables for the reception buffet. When the bestman was giving the toast his cell phone rang! HE ANSWERED IT! The caller was attempting to order a huge volume of produce. . . Unbeknownst to the bestman, the groom had asked a guest at the reception to call the bestman on his cell phone during the toast just to see if he would answer. Everyone at the reception got a big kick out of it and the groom asked him to turn off his phone "the veggies can wait!"
Randy W.    Henderson, NV., Inc.
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